A quick Q&A overview of exactly how cloud works.  Plus costs.

What exactly is ‘cloud’?
Essentially the ‘cloud’ is a location on the internet where data and applications can be securely stored.

Why do I need it?
Mostly because it will allow you to focus on your core business instead of IT, but also because once you get used to it, it really can transform the way you do business.

Is it difficult to move to cloud?
Technically, it is not difficult but it is important to have expert advice when deciding which solutions will work for you.

How hard is it to access my data?
Where you have internet you have access – so off your tablet, mobile, desktop, even your smart watch.

How secure is my business information?
In a word …VERY.  Cloud applications are, by design, high security infrastructures plus they are automatically updated on a regular basis.  

What if my business grows?
Cloud solutions are easy to scale up or down.  This means you can start off small and gradually grow your usage over time.

What will it cost?
Our initial meeting is $200 – 100% refundable if you progress to set up.